No. Frequently Asked Questions
1 Do you offer free samples?


2 Can I order the product with special color? ---->>
3 Sometimes you ask for a 'handling charge' for export cargo? What is it? ---->>
4 I can not find the product I need from your catalog or website, neither can I find it from the others? Do you take custom project? ---->>
5 What is the time frame if I open the custom project with you? ---->>
6 What is your logo? And what signal does it carry? ---->>
7 There are some products of your carrying TV rating. What does the TV rating mean? ---->>
8 In your rocker switches, you offer different sizes of switches for different panel cutouts. What is the point? ---->>
9 I am looking for a switch with protection against moisture. What should I look for? ---->>
10 What if I ask for a AC switch's life exceeding the the standard life, for example 100K cycles? ---->>
11 UL is introducing a new switch standard, UL61058-1, why? ---->>
12 Do you have any plan to update to the new UL standard 61058-1? ---->>
13 What is inrush current? Can your switch hold it?  ---->>
14 I found some products with very very low low price in the market! Can you meet the same price? ---->>
15 Bank account change notice from a strange email? ?  ---->>
16 How do I pay you for small or sample orders? ---->>

Hi! If none of the above answers your question, please write to us to find your answer!