I am looking for a switch with protection against moisture. What should I look for?


Switch’s price can be varied depending on the protection level against water or moisture. You may wish to find if the switch carries any IP index. For example, if a switch is rated IP67, the end no. ‘7’ means the switch with due protection can be temporarily submersible within a depth of 1M water. Please take a look at a similar product of ours: #ES-series subminiature toggle switch.

We also offer a long-time submersible mechanical switch up to one hour within 1M water depth, IP68, again please take a look at the link: #TB-series, which is an industrial-grade heavy duty toggle switch.

However, if you are looking for a low cost one, with ordinary protection against minor splash or moisture on the surface of the switch, we do offer those options too. By adding a plastic cover snapped to the switch’s bezel, the unit can achieve the purpose. Most of our standard rocker switches can have this option to be added with the cover as illustrated in the photo below. However, please note that this is just minor protection, and improper design in mounting or assembly can still lead to failure of the protection