What is the time frame if I open the custom project with you?


The time frame will depend on the scale of your project. For example, if you ask simply for a new print to the switches' actuator, we will need less than two weeks to complete your request. For this project, only a simple print-pad is required and it is not very costly.
Or for another example, if you need just a special terminal to be added to our existing product, the tooling time will be about 4 weeks. Yet for some more complicated projects involving several metal dies or plastic molds, the time frame will be longer. Basically it will need 8-10 weeks to complete it. Because it will need more time to design, communicate and tool. And please note that sometimes this new project will have to be tested by the various safety agencies, like UL or VDE to get their approvals, these agencies' approving time will depend on  the actual circumstances of that time we submit the project to them. It can be 2 months as short, but 5 months as long.