Model Mounting Features
PS5-antivandal nut UL-recognized Anti-Vandal Switches with up to 16A and TV-6 Rating
PB-4067, PB-4166 nut Foot Switches, 4A 125VC, Metal Actuator DPDT or 3PDT, Lock or Momentary
PS9 nut momentary ON or OFF push switch
SPK Snap-in
IP67 Mini Round Push switches for Pool Related Applications, Multi-color LED
T7-PUSH nut heavy duty push switches; up to 15A 125VAC, 10A 250VAC
PS5 Snap-in
16A 125Vac, 16(8), low profile push power switch
PB07A PCB Keyboard switches for precise instruments, 4P1T
PS17-1, 2&3 nut push canopy switch 3A 125V"L"
PS17-5 nut Off-momentary On, or On-Momentary Off
PS17-6 panel snap-in Off-momentary On, or On-Momentary Off
PS18 nut Up to 3A 250VAC, off-on, or off-on-on, with wires 
PS19 Snap-in
pushbutton switches up to 0.5A 30VDC
BS580,701,800,850 PCB 5.8x5.8,  7x7,  8x8,  8.5x8.5 , lock or momentary
PB01, 02 nut on-off switch, with screw nuts attached
PBS nut on-off, momentary on or off, different knob
PS909L PCB DC30V 0.1A  2P2T, 4P2T, 6P2T available
PS908L PCB DC30V 2A  2P2T, push switch
PS056 screw Double pole micro switches,  UP TO 16A 250VAC
A   snap
Miniature push switch
AS nut
Sub-miniature push switch, momentary
PB-12 snap
P65 All Plastic Round Mini Push Button Switches