DIP SWITCHES, SMT, through hole, half pitch

Model Mounting Features
DHN SMT mini-slim SMT, dip switches, half pitch
EM & EI & ES SMT, DIP End Stackable, SMT & Through Hole type , up to 25mA, 24VDC
RS & RSR DIP slide switches, 2.54mm pitch, up to 12 poles, 2.54mm
RP & RPL DIP piano switches, 2.54mm pitch, up to 12 poles
RM, RV, RH PCB 10, 16 Steps, 4X1, 3X3, 3X2 termials
DA PCB Slide type, right angle type; up to 25mA, 24VDC
TI PCB/SMT Tri-state low profile dip switch, 2.54mm pitch
SIP PCB Single In Line Package; Straight/Right Angle Terminal,  10mA, 5VDC
EPI & EPM PCB/SMT End Stackable & Piano Type; SMT/ Through Hole, 25mA, 24VDC