Quality Never a Compromise

We position ourselves as a quality switch manufacturer after 20 years experience in the fields. And we come to a point that Quality Never a Compromise.

In a competitive market, it is important to stay on top while never compromise the Quality. In addition to the various Safety Certificates our products listed, We introduced AQL, PPM, reliability tests in our Q.A. control systems. We went from ISO9002 to ISO9001 in our management in 1999. And we know we will be upgrading all the way for the sake of Quality.
Quality, in our crew¡¦s definitions, means all dimensions. The product itself should be out performing in rated level. The service should be excellent in terms of delivery on time, quick response to inquiries and zero complaint. The design output even bears classical outlook.
Above all, the most important thing is that our people cherish our products. That is the starting point of Quality.
  • QC/Technical Support
    Our QC work is divided between in-house QC staff and other subcontractors. They include engineers and technicians and others.
  • QC Staff
  • Procedures/testing Details
    We test in-coming materials and components, and every subsequent stage of production. This includes random checking, testing of finished products both before and after packaging, and before delivery. Our QC equipment is partly developed in-house, and partly imported from the US, UK and Germany. Some of the special equipment we use is found below:

    -->Tungsten filament lamp load
    -->Inductive load tester
    -->Temperature recording
    -->Oven Temp. tester
    -->Dielectric voltage withstanding/insulation tester
    -->Milli-Ohm meter
    -->Digimatic caliper
    -->Overhead projector
    -->Resister/capacitor load                                        
    -->X-ray fluorescence , XRF (ROHS)

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View ROHS 2.0 & REACH-SVHC Self Declaratio